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WashrackPacific Monarch is located in Marina, Calif., with office, garage, covered wash rack and parking for all vehicles on its 1.25-acre industrial property. We own the largest fleet of motorcoaches, mini coaches and vans on the Monterey Peninsula.

The garage is 7,000 square feet, fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery to master every requirement, inspection and routine maintenance in order to provide you with a reliable fleet of vehicles. Our mechanics are highly trained specialists in their field.

Every trip deserves a clean bus with spotless windows you can see through clearly! Each and every window is hand-washed. Our onsite wash rack and cleaning staff allows for each bus to arrive clean and orderly for your trip.

Our offices are onsite for better communication between garage, dispatch and sales; drivers have their own mailboxes for dispatch assignments and access to the dispatcher to review their assignments. We use a database specially designed for charter bus transportation to generate all contracts and driver’s orders. We also confirm with every customer the day prior to service to ensure that your transportation will be exactly as your contract details.

There are substandard operators and brokers in the transportation industry. If you want to know if a charter bus company is genuine, take a look on the Internet satellite and street view maps. If you see buses, the company is the source of vehicles that will be provided for your transportation needs, not a broker who owns no vehicles. Extreme disparity in pricing, an operation with no parking and no maintenance facility are signs that you need to consider in making a wise transportation decision. Pacific Monarch will provide upon request proof of proper insurance coverage, safety record certification and references.


Our Facility

Thank you for providing us with an excellent, friendly and competent driver for our conference activities in Monterey. And to provide sound and safe advice on our field tour destinations.